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Finding Inspiration in Local Sites

Today, the grandparents had our little one, so the wife and I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Lilly House. The Lilly House is also known as the Oldfields estate, and is the legacy of the Lilly family, heirs of Civil War general Eli Lilly and the Lilly pharmaceutical giant based here […]

Tips & Tricks

Dungeons & Dora

Everything you need to know about creating an adventure you can learn from Dora the Explorer.  I know, you think I must be jesting.  But I am not.  Well maybe I do jest, a little.  But have you ever watched an episode of Dora? My wife recently picked up about a dozen Dora videos on […]


GM Thought Organizer

Do you have dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of loose notes?  Are they floating around on old bill envelopes, post-its, scrap paper, and bathroom tissue?  If you are like me, or at least the me a year ago, you probably write down your inspirations and ideas on whatever is handy and nearby.  Crayon and […]

Tips & Tricks

Finding Inspiration in Television

I just finished watching the premiere of Sons of Anarchy and I was pretty impressed.  In fact it has now officially become part of my weekly line-up.  The boys over at FX has assembled quite the ensemble cast including Ron Perlman.  The down and dirty is about a Californian Motorcycle Club that serve as gun […]