Character Builds

World of Darkness Slasher – The Krampus

Since time before the charlatan they called Christ walked the deserts outside Babylon, I have fed upon the terror and the bones of unruly children. My legend is immortal and I shall continue to feast on disobedient pups and wash my feet in their blood. Though my reputation ensures many a child grows into honorable adults, I fear that there are too many bad apples for me to sink my teeth into. Alas, though my power holds, its reach is not far enough and this world shall forever grow worse under the ravages of bad seed.


The Labs: It’s Alive!

Mad Brew lays down som goals for 2009 as well as making some interesting predictions for the RPG Industry and the Blogosphere. Do you agree, if not what do you think will happen? What would you like to see happen?

RPG Carnival

RPG Carnival II: Homebrew

This month’s RPG Carnival is being hosted by Donny the DM over at The Fine Art of the TPK,  also known as the Flumph Sanctuary.  The topic is homebrew. Homebrew is a topic right at home here at the Labs, since the initial reason I started this blog was to document the brewing of my own […]