Post Gen Con 2012 Wrap-Up

Another Gen Con has come and gone (been history for at least a couple of weeks now) and I’m sure there are plenty of gamers feeling the PostGenConBlues… which can manifest in both attendees (because they wish it could last longer) and in non-attendees (because they didn’t get to go). I didn’t do a lot […]


IUPUI: GenCon Educational Partner Pilot School

It was recently announced that my alma mater, Indiana University & Purdue University of Indianapolis was selected by Gen Con to be the pilot school in their forthcoming Educational Partners Program. So I called up a former professor of mine, and good friend, Mat Powers to find out more about what this partnership means. Mat, who is a lecturer for the Media Arts & Science program at the IU School of Informatics, spearheads IUPUI’s part in the partnership. Mat was contacted a couple of months ago by Jake Theis, the senior marketing & communications manager for Gen Con, LLC about participating in the program. Unfortunately, I can’t share much about what they’re cooking up, because IUPUI and Gen Con don’t want to announce anything too early as they are still working out the details. Since the program is in its infancy, the partnership is exploring all their options.


Official GenCon Beer

Local Indianapolis brewer, Sun King (literally a block away from where I work, big fan of their Sunlight Cream Ale) will be crafting the (first) official beer for GenCon this year and you can name it and win a free badge and tasting! The beer’s description: Sun King crafted this beer from the blood of […]


Transgaming: Bridging the Gap Between Tables & Silicon

Transgaming is a nascent game design paradigm that provides interconnected gaming experiences. Two or more different games share the same the world and actions where events in one game also affect all other games sharing the world. For example, a real time strategy game that determines the vehicles and tech levels available to the players of a first person shooter. Though the concept isn’t new, CCP’s[1] Dust 514[2] is the first title to provide a transgaming experience.


Pathfinder MMO Technology Demo Kickstarter

Yesterday was an interesting day for tabletop roleplaying games and crowdfunding (or at least interesting for me). I managed to publish my Age of Patronage article just as the Gamerati published an edited video of Lisa Stevens, CEO of Paizo Publishing, answering a question I submitted for a Google Hangout that Peter Adkison read to […]


Age of Patronage

Societal trends usually ebb and flow like the swing of a pendulum and we’re seeing the beginning of the return swing for the system of funding creatives known as patronage. The arts would not be where it is today, or at least not have such a rich history, without the practice of patronage. Since the […]

Character Builds

World of Darkness Slasher – The Krampus

Since time before the charlatan they called Christ walked the deserts outside Babylon, I have fed upon the terror and the bones of unruly children. My legend is immortal and I shall continue to feast on disobedient pups and wash my feet in their blood. Though my reputation ensures many a child grows into honorable adults, I fear that there are too many bad apples for me to sink my teeth into. Alas, though my power holds, its reach is not far enough and this world shall forever grow worse under the ravages of bad seed.