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Game of Thrones 407 – Mockingbird

This week’s Game of Thrones episode features the Mockingbird tossing his pawn out of his new roost. Join Jesse & Mike while they discuss resurrection nominees, the tactical failure of leading with teeth instead of swords, the role of lies in religion, and the selection of the Red Viper as Tyrion’s champion. Be sure to subscribe […]


Brewer’s Requirements for Story

  Brewer’s Requirements for Story Worthy Protagonist(s) Epic Stakes Exceptional Structure Engaging Setting That seems like a simple list and you are no doubt thinking, “Hell! That applies to, like, ANY story!” and you’d be wrong. You’d be wrong because there are some very subjective words in there: worthy, epic, exceptional, and engaging. Worthy Protagonists […]


Satiating My Hunger for Story

I’ve been consuming stories at an accelerated for the past year or so. My appetite for story is not bound by medium; I consume any format. Novels. Sequential Narratives. Audio. Television. Film. Games. However, my hunger continues to be unsatiated. (I Can’t Get No) Story Satisfaction I don’t think I have dedicated this much time […]