Fantasy Grounds Pathfinder Edition?

I think we may be seeing a virtual table-top integrated with Pathfinder in the near future. While at GenCon, I spied some of SmiteWorks’ people speaking with various Paizo luminaries as well as Lisa Stevens herself intensely demoing something at the SmiteWorks booth Saturday. For those unfamiliar with SmiteWorks, they are the producers of the Fantasy Grounds VTT.


Pathfinder Battles Miniatures

Paizo [1] and WizKids [2] announced the Pathfinder Battles pre-painted miniature line yesterday, [3] just a few days before GenCon 2011, so I expect they will have samples at their booth (see interactive GenCon exhibit hall map [4]). This announcement comes practically on the heels of their first foray, the Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes [5] […]


Interactive GenCon 2011 Map

I’ve taken the liberty to create an interactive map of the GenCon 2011 Exhibit Hall. You can drag and zoom (using the mouse wheel or the up/down arrow keys) the map and when you rollover a booth, it displays the name of the vendor located there. If you click on the booth, it will take you to the vendor’s website (or if a website could not be found).