Reinventing the FLGS

Before the internet and online discount retailers like Amazon dominated the book trade, the brick & mortar hobby shops (and a few mail order companies like Wargames West) were the bridge between publishers and players. The Friendly Local Gaming Store had a secure place in the hobby ecosystem. Where else could you buy plastic polyhedrons?


Growing the Hobby Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who participated in last month’s RPG Blog Carnival, “Growing the Hobby.” Before I get to the participant round-up, I want to present my own thoughts about growing the roleplaying games hobby. I want to make it very clear that these are just my observations and hypotheses and that I really have no hard data to back it up with.


IUPUI @ GenCon 2010

My alma mater, Indiana University – Purdue University of Indianapolis, returns to GenCon this year. Not only are doing a bunch of workshops and seminars concerning making video games, they are also hosting a FREE offsite (four blocks away) event with Tracy Hickman.


Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey Realms

Fey are one of the most under-utilized types of monsters in my experience playing fantasy roleplaying games. Fey are horrific, yet fantastic. They are beguilingly grotesque. These dastardly beautiful creatures are showcased in the Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey Realms from Alluria Publishing.