Design & Development

Secondary Traits of Echelon

Secondary Traits are not purchased with Experience like Core Traits; instead they are derived from Attributes or Species. Some Ability Stunts, Advantages, Hindrances, Species, and Templates may also affect Secondary Traits. There are four categories of Secondary Traits: Defense, Energy, Offense, and Spatial.

Design & Development

Normal Distribution Resolution

The design calls for a resolution mechanic that simulates a normal distribution, which when graphed looks like a bell curve. This means at least three dice must used. A dice pool using 3d6 is currently the chosen configuration. The 3d6 dice pool has a range of 3-18 and a mean of 10-11. A strong reason to use the 3d6 dice was for ease of determining Difficulty Ratings (working from a mean result of 10).


Conventions, Events, & Geosocializing

As GenCon approaches, my thoughts keep wondering about how emerging and existing technologies could be used to make the convention/event experience more enjoyable. I took a high-level look at using location-based social technology before in Leveraging Geolocation for Roleplaying Games, but I wanted to explore the technology at the implementation level for gaming conventions and events.