Open Game Table 2 Update

Jonathan Jacobs of The Core Mechanic and my partner at Nevermet Press is a machine that never sleeps. The second volume of the Open Game Table is beginning to take shape as this year’s reviewers wrap up their duties. Soon, Jonathan and his crew of editors will begin selecting blog articles based on the combined opinions of more than a dozen reviewers.


Best of Mad Brew Labs: Online Resources

The Online Resource category is probably the most visited category of Mad Brew Labs. In the last year and half that the Labs has been operating, I have occasionally gathered together massive lists of resources of various themes to make it easier for readers to find the stuff they need for their games.


Is the iPad the Messiah of Roleplaying?

When Apple unveiled their new multi-touch tablet device, the [horribly named] iPad, I watched as half of the internet sung praises of Apple to the heavens while the other half spoke of disappointment. In the tabletop roleplaying community, I saw a trend of tech-minded gamers hail the tablet as the messiah of digital roleplaying.