Pact Magic for Pathfinder

Radiance House Publishing released Secrets of Pact Magic and Villains of Pact Magic a couple of years ago as supplements for 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons. Dario Nardi, the man behind the books, recently updated the series with a free 4 page Pathfinder conversion guide. The guide makes the rules supplements more accessible for groups using Paizo’s successful iteration of D&D 3.5.

Design & Development

Pathfinder Channeling Feats

After playing Pathfinder for a few months, I am already hankering for some new options. I have played solely as a Cleric, though at different levels as well as both positive energy and negative energy versions. I love the new channel energy so I have crafted some fine new Feats for the Cleric that should prove very useful.


RPGBN Update

Dave Chalker officially announced that the RPG Bloggers Network will be handed off to Duane O’Brien of A Terrible Idea. You can read the announcement at the RPGBN Google Group.