Ennies: The Underdog

The Ennies open up for voting today, and as many of you know, this blog was nominated for the Best Website category. I must say I am pretty flattered to be nominated because it puts my creation next to websites created by a couple of my favorite game designers.

Design & Development

Tabletop Journal: New Beginnings

I’ve never done any actual play logs here at Nevermet Press, and that probably will not change. However, I have been thinking about chronicling my experience as a Game Master. Specifically, I’d like to put some concepts of mine, as well as advice and tricks found on the internet, to the test.


Geist: The Sin Eaters Preview

In Geist, players take on the role of someone who has died, but came back to life. However, it wasn’t without a price. When the character died a Geist, a spirit of the dead, offered a deal to be returned to life if the person also allowed the Geist within them. This gives the character extraordinary powers, but also causes them to truly become someone other than they were as the process merges the two entities.


Ennie Nominee

Mad Brew Labs was nominated for a prestigious Ennie Award in the Best Website category! I’m asking all of my readers, as well as the entire RPG Blogger’s Network, to go vote for the Ennies between July 24th and August 1st.