Dead Wastes

The Dead Wastes: Cosmology

It begins and ends with the Deep Black, the Great Nothing and Everything. The Abyss. It is the Paradox, both the source of matter as well as the end of matter. The Abyss is infinite, yet is nothing, and the Gods do not dare to tread there.


Adventuring IRL

Sometimes I forget how much real life can be an adventure until it happens to me.  I had plenty of adventure while I was in the service, but I still find adventure as an ordinary citizen, and it usually comes in two types: parenting or disaster. For those of you who are not parents, I think […]


Gamers Bashed by McCain’s Blogger

I usually steer clear of mixing politics with gaming, the same way I avoid beer with liquor and bitching about in-laws to my wife.  They are all recipes for a headache.  However, I figured the gaming community, especially American gamers who are eligible to vote (because you are going to vote, right?) should see what […]


GenCon 2008 Aftermath

I’m sure I am just contributing to the GenCon echo chamber, but there are some observations I was wanting to share.  The first thing I noticed is that since I began attending in 2003, it seems the exhibit hall has less things I’m interested in. I didn’t take measurements or anything, but it seemed as […]


The Night before GenCon ’08

GenCon begins tomorrow.  My comrades will arrive this evening, and we will set forth into four days of gaming.  We have booked every single Living Realms adventure as well as the D&D Championship (which I doubt we get far… something about grouping with unknown players…).  This will be the true test of 4th Edition D&D […]

Dead Wastes

The Dead Wastes: Introduction

The Dead Wastes is an original setting I have been constructing, off and on, for the better part of a decade.  I have yet to use it as the backdrop of a campaign; mostly for the fear of having players welcome it with a less than thrilled reception.  That and I personally felt that it was […]


Revised GSL & SRD are GO!

The lackluster reception of Wizards of the Coast’s Game System License for 4e D&D has spoken volumes and WotC has listened.  They released a news announcement today about how the new GSL and SRD will be released in the very near future (and from the wording, sounds like it has already been changed). “We recognize […]


RPG Bloggers Appreciation

I would be remiss if didn’t take some time to thank the minds behind and the members of RPG Bloggers.  As of yesterday, I have been doing this blog for two weeks, with a total of 17 posts, 25 comments, and almost 800 views.  Of course those statistics have more value when you put them […]

Mad Menagerie

Mad Menagerie: Trystgeist

The Mad Menagerie will be a regular column that I am starting with this entry: The Trystgeist. Trystgeists are the spirits of the unfaithful that have died at the hands of their betrayed lovers. They are ethereal in nature, and only manifest when they exact vengeance upon