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Game of Thrones 701 Dragonstone

This Game of Thrones episode, Dragonstone kicks off the penultimate season. Dany finally touches down in Westeros, Sam discovers a dragon’s hoard and some grey scales, tensions rise between Jon and Sansa about leadership styles, while Arya leaves a wake of devastation on her journey to see Cersei who is doing her best impression of Helen of Troy, who […]

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Game of Thrones 609 Battle of the Bastards

This Game of Thrones episode, Battle of the Bastards is perhaps one of the best single episodes in the entire run of the series. It definitely contains my favorite death scene, which is tied with Joffrey’s. The battle scenes were epic and we feel it captured the dynamic brutality of cavalry charges fairly well. If you haven’t watched it […]

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Game of Thrones 608 No One

This Game of Thrones episode, No One is setting all the pawns up for the penultimate episode.  We wonder what the digression in Riverrun has set up for the future and who will be coming to Jon’s aid in his retaking of Winterfell. What is the House of Black & White’s long game? Will Arya and Varys be on […]


Preacher 100 – Pilot

Vampiric brawls at 30,000 feet, blasting helicopters out of the sky with homemade bazoookas, and exploding priests, oh my! How could you not like this show? Based on the Preacher monthly sequential narrative (comic for the laymen) by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillion and published under DC’s mature Vertigo imprint, AMC’s new supernatural drama has a storied […]

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Game of Thrones 607 Broken Man

This Game of Thrones episode, Broken Man brought back a character we thought long dead in the form of the Hound. We get to meet the charming Brother Ray… for a moment. Arya is on the lamb and Yara has her sights set for Meereen. The big questions are how to Sandor & Arya get back into the main […]

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Game of Thrones 606 Blood of My Blood

They had to slow things down for the Game of Thrones fans made of weaker stuff. Blood of My Blood is a fairly tame episode, but at least we find a long lost Stark and Sam acquires his familial Valyrian steel sword, Heartsbane… but will he be able to keep it? Also, totally disappointed with the […]

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Game of Thrones 605 The Door

After ending on a sweet note last week, this weeks’ Game of Thrones episode “The Door” had to give us something bitter. We discover the origins of such famous things as “Hodor,” “What is dead may never die,” and the White Walkers. Will Yara sail to Eos? Will Arya complete her training? Will Jon quit brooding? Will […]

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Game of Thrones 603 – Oathbreaker

  We catch up with some more people we haven’t seen in a while, Osha & Rickon, Sam & Gilly, we see Baelish in the recap (so we’ll probably see him next episode). Jon Snow is front and center with some possible backstory partially revealed through the visions (but are they?) of Bran Stark and […]